Humble Beginnings

I am sitting in our global headquarters.  It's shortly before 5am. It's Saturday morning. In other words, I'm writing this at our home office.  On Monday we plan to launch this new platform. I've created other small businesses before, but nothing as ambitious as my vision for this. I feel calm. It's weird. I guess that's because I think we're ready for this. The "we" I mean is you, me, our small team, and the others who'll become part of this. The platform is far from what it can be. What we're launching on November 12, 2018 is hopefully just the humble beginnings of something that we'll make great together.

I'm not trying to be cheesy with this "we" talk. Just last night I was explaining to a friend that right now the site, this blog, and our social media is pretty empty. The platform only has a few products that I came up with and I haven't added a lot of personality or color to my own product pages yet because I've been busy working on other aspects of the platform. Product pages should have photos and videos from the people behind the product showing what they make with their products, as well as recipes and other background info. Our Instagram and Facebook site will become awesome when it gets filled up with images, posts, stories, and videos showing the food, drinks, and community you make with Bootstrapper's Blends products.  This blog will draw people in when you write compelling posts for us to share.  Inspired people will make this happen. I'm just one of those inspired people and I'm in service to you.

I wouldn't have been able to create this without the entrepreneurial efforts, service, and hard work of so many others.  I just listened to a podcast featuring an interview with the entrepreneur who created the backbone system for this platform.  He achieved what he set out to do and created something valuable, but he also shared that in the process of building it he "went dark" for a long, long time.  To build it he worked around the clock, mostly alone, and went into a deep depression.  I wish he hadn't suffered, but I am thankful for his perseverence.  As I reflect upon the gratitude I feel for the work of others, it's notable that November 12th is the day we're observing Veteran's Day in the U.S.A. I'm fortunate to be able to launch this platform on this day because I live in a free country that encourages creativity. Our country's democracy is the platform upon which this platform is built. I am grateful for all those who have served and continue to serve our country and are working to ensure that we always have a strong platform upon which to create and build community.

Maybe one of you should submit a recipe for a product and set it up so we donate your royalty payments to a charity for veterans. That's how this platform will come to life and be used to strengthen our communities.

Let's make good together.