Let's Not Get Squeezed Out

I believe that people’s creativity is their power to thrive.  I think we can make a better world by helping people easily create and share the food and drinks they love. Imagine a future where people buy most of their food from the people, groups, and causes they love.  A future where food is not generic. Food that not only tastes great, but also helps connect us to the people who made it and others who love it. Food that strengthens communities.

Today we live within the confines of a forceful, dominant centralized food system that continues to squeeze out small producers. We want this platform to help ensure you don’t get squeezed out of creating the food you want your neighbors, friends, and people worldwide to be able to enjoy.  We’re working to give the power to create food to more people. Most people with the best recipes have never even considered making their own product for market because it has been way too hard to bring a great idea to market. Now they can.

To give rise to food with a true identity we also need to rise as a community.  I need help making this happen.  Or, maybe I should say, I'll help you make this happen.  

This must be lifted by many.