Not Impossible with Support from a Community

We've been stretching to build a small berry farm in Hinesburg, Vermont known as The Sayre Fields and create a line of specialty food products since 2010. It's been hard and we've been under-resourced. We wouldn't have made it this far without the help of a greater community who believed in what we set out to do. We still regularly hear comments like, "Wow, you're really bootstrapping it." We may not have had quite enough money to get going, but we got going anyhow and thankfully a friend always seems to appear at the right moment to lend a hand and help lift us up just when need it most. We created Bootstrapper's Blends to help others avoid some struggle and connect with friends when they need them.

We know lifting yourself up by your own bootstraps is impossible. That's why we need each other.

Many companies say that their customers are a community, and it doesn't seem true for some of them.  We need it to be true for Bootstrapper's Blends.  Our customers are special.  They believe that an important part of eating local is knowing who makes your food. Bootstrapper’s Blends customers are the people who know and support the dedicated, fledgling specialty-food producers they see at local markets. They are people with a local bartender, farmer, herbalist, or friend who makes amazing shrubs, syrups, or tonics but will never make enough on their own, so they convince them to bottle some through Boostrapper's Blends. Our customers are the good people who want to support the makers of the next best thing, and they'll do whatever they can to help lift them up. 

In a time when almost everything is getting bigger and most food is made is massive quanities, Bootstrapper’s Blends uses small batch food production to create personalized products for this community of inspired people. Let's build this community together and empower people to do what was once nearly impossible for them.