Bootstrapper’s Blends empowers you to sell food and beverages that you've created to your community and beyond, while we take care of all the heavy lifting of production, customer service, payment processing, and order fulfillment.  

You come up with the recipe and Bootstrapper’s Blends does almost everything else. Just help spread the word about your product and then we distribute revenue generated through product sales via royalty payments to you or a charity you want to support. Royalty payments are based upon the annual sales attributable to the specific product or products you create and sell.

Bootstrapper's Blends is ideal for you if you have created a Mixer, Soda, Seltzer, Shrub, Syrup, or Tonic that you want made without paying for production yourself upfront. Through our platform you create a product listing with support from our team. This is used to promote your product and take pre-production sales orders. You can also have some or all of your batch made and shipped directly to you as a wholesale order so you can sell it yourself in your community, or directly to your customers at your farm, bar, or restaurant. The first small batch is produced and shipped directly to you or your customers as quickly as possible after the full batch is "pre-sold". 

If you are interested in creating and selling a product then please simply enter your product description and ingredients in the form below.  At this point we are focused on producing mixers, sodas, seltzers, shrubs, syrups, and tonics, but we can also produce some sauces.  Please briefly describe the product and list the ingredients.  You do not need to provide the recipe.  We will be in touch after we review your application to ensure we can produce your product in our kitchen. 

Please review How it Works, our Terms of Service, and Frequently Asked Questions before sending your product description and ingredients list to us. General questions can also be submitted using the form below.