What is Bootstrapper’s Blends, LLC?
Bootstrapper’s Blends, LLC is a platform for food and beverage creators and the good people who support them. We facilitate the production, promotion, and distribution of food and drinks made from recipes developed by independent people under the unified brand Bootstrapper’s Blends while highlighting and compensating each person who creates a product. Each product has a customized label and product SKU. Each product has a unique name and a section on its label recognizing the “Bootstrapper” who created it.
Before we actually make our products each small batch is already fully "sold".  This means all sales are “Fresh Batch” pre-production sales, so there will usually be a period of time between customers’ online purchase transactions and shipment.  This not only helps us to be able to produce specialty food in small batches affordably, but it also means that the food you get is uncommonly fresh because it is shipped directly from our kitchen to you.  Our food never goes into storage.
This website and our social media feature the products and their creators. You can support them and the causes they care about by spreading the word further about Bootstrapper's Blends and buying the great food and drinks they're creating and selling here.  Find out more about How It Works.
What is the Royalty Program?
People create and sell products through Bootstrapper's Blends Royalty Program. Through this program Bootstrapper’s Blends, LLC distributes revenue generated through product sales via royalty payments to the people who create and help us sell their own products.  The person who submits a recipe for production can also designate a beneficiary such as a charity they want to support to receive their royalty program payments.  Royalty payments to individuals or the causes they want to support are based upon the annual sales attributable to the specific product or products they create and sell.   This Royalty Program is ideal for people who have created a great product that they want produced with no upfront production costs.
How does the Royalty Program work?
People are encouraged to submit a product description and list of ingredients for review using the online form on the Create & Sell Page and if their product is selected for production then their product is offered for pre-production sale on this website; and if it sells then the Product Creator & Seller (or their charitable cause) gets 10% of revenue per the Terms of Service.  Find out more specifically about How It Works
What if a person wants to create an independent business and brand after successfully growing through Bootstrapper's Blends?
If an individual Bootstrapper is highly successful and their product sales and reputation grows to a point where they would like to launch their own line of products as part of their own independent company, then they are encouraged to do so per the Terms of Service. A special category called “Brands We Lifted” will be established as part of the Bootstrapper’s Blends online store featuring the companies with roots to Bootstrapper’s Blends.
What is the Royalty Payment?
Once a Campaign is launched and the associated Product is manufactured and sold, the Product Creator & Seller responsible for such Campaign will be entitled to receive a royalty equal to 10% of all Net Revenue actually received by the Company on account of the Company’s sales of the Product associated with such Campaign.
What is the typical first batch size?
32-50 gallons for most categories, but carbonated beverages requires a larger batch size of 250 gallons.
What if a product does not sell?
The pre-production sales minimum must be met within 30 days of the initial listing of the product for purchase online or the production is cancelled, the product listing is taken offline, and each customer’s credit card authorization is closed. This 30 day period is sometimes referred to as the “Campaign to Lift the Product”or more generally the "Product Campaign." 
Who decides if a product is discontinued?
Bootstrapper’s Blends, LLC management team members.
If a product is discontinued does the creator of the product get to continue to remain in control of their recipe?
Yes, they can secure exclusive control of their recipe per the Terms of Service.
Who owns the recipe after any commercialized version of the product is manufactured for sale?
Bootstrapper's Blends, LLC; however a Product Creator & Seller may elect to re-acquire any intellectual property and the other content associated with their product per the Terms of Service.
What if a product creator dies?
Each product creator must name a beneficiary. Profits will be allocated in the standard way as long as the product continues to be actively produced and sold.
What if I don't want to be part of the Royalty Program and instead want to create an independent product and company with help from Bootstrapper's Blends?
Initially we will be focused on helping people create products through the Royalty Program so we are not currently offering to assist people who do not want to participate in that program.  

Why are you called "Bootstrapper's Blends"?
We believe in working hard and making good with what we’ve got, in chasing our dreams and pressing on, and that support can always be found within community. We believe this because we've been stretching to build a small berry farm and create a line of specialty food products since 2010. It's been hard and we've been under-resourced.  We wouldn't have made it this far without the help of a greater community who believed in what we set out to do.  We still regularly hear comments like, "Wow, you're really bootstrapping it."  We may not have much investment capital to get going, but a friend always seems to appear at the right moment to lend a hand and help lift us up when needed.  We want to help others avoid some of the struggle we went through and connect with friends when they need them.  Bootstrappers find freedom by creating stuff people love so much that they become the source of funding. Through this platform you can be the funding source for the people, products, and causes you care about.   

We know lifting yourself up by your own bootstraps is impossible. That's why we need each other. 

We celebrate Bootstrappers and those who support them in every community. 

How it Works